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pieces of eight custom ceramic poker chips

Casino Pro Custom Ceramic Poker Products

Ceramic based gaming products are a popular way to produce professional grade custom poker chips, dealer butttons, and plaques. Ceramic products are unique in the way they are produced compared to traditional print processes. Below are some features of printed ceramic products:

The printed image is directly embedded into the chip. The image is not on the surface where it can scratch off.

A ceramic chip can be customized edge to edge, unlike an inlay or hot stamp chip where you can only customize the center of the chip.

Ceramic poker chips are available in 39 mm and 43mm sizes and weigh around 10 grams.

Ceramic poker chips are more difficult to counterfeit vs. other custom poker chip types, and the ability to embed UV ink or laser etching into the chips gives additional layers of security against counterfeiting.

We have a number of popular semi custom chip templates that you can use for your chip set or we can help you design your own original custom ceramic poker chip.  

You can browse our semi-custom chip templates or learn how to start your own design by clicking one of the ceramic categories below. 

Casino Pro Ceramic Custom Poker Chips

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