14 Gram Tri-Color AK Suited Clay Poker Chips Custom Hot Stamped
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Product: 14 Gram Tri-Color AK Suited Clay Poker Chips Custom Hot Stamped
Code: 10-1850-HS

Average price per chip: $0.30

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14 Gram White Tri-Color Ace King Suited Chip

14 Gram Red Tri-Color Ace King Suited Chip

14 Gram Green Tri-Color Ace King Suited Chip

14 Gram Blue Tri-Color Ace King Suited Chip

14 Gram Black Tri-Color Ace King Suited Chip

14 Gram Purple Tri-Color Ace King Suited Chip

14 Gram Yellow Tri-Color Ace King Suited Chip

14 Gram Orange Tri-Color Ace King Suited Chip

14 Gram Pink Tri-Color Ace King Suited Chip

Product Description

custom poker chips hot stamp

Each chip can be custom hot stamped with up to 4 characters or you can choose from a large assortment of denominations!

Have both sides of the chip stamped the same, OR have your initials on one side and a denomination on the other! The hot stamp is filled with your choice of gold, silver, or black foil.

The hotstamp uses standard in stock font lettering. Custom dies can be developed for an additional charge if you require a logo or specific fonts. Please contact us if you require logos or specific fonts.

Standard production time is 2 weeks for hot stamp orders. Custom express rush production is available for an additional charge.

Start your order by choosing the quantity per color chip that you require and then click the Add To Basket button. You will then be brought to a page where you can configure your hot stamp customization. 

The average price per chip shown above will vary based on the quantity ordered. You can see a complete price list, with quantity price breaks, at the bottom of this page.

9 Different Chip Colors to Choose From!

We are proud to offer the AK & Suits 14 gram chip series. These chips would suit those who are looking to upgrade from and ABS/ low content clay composite poker chip, or those who want to start off with a higher quality poker chip set.

Why Would You Choose This Chip?

Quality Texture and Surface Feel - With a 100% clay surface, these chips have the feel of a real casino chip. One disadvantage of an ABS composite chip is its "slipperiness", in other words, the chips do not stack high and tight. Because of the duller texture of clay, these chips stack neatly, just like a real casino chip. At 14 Grams, this is currently the the heaviest chip on the market.

Great Looking Chip - For a true clay composite chip,  which generally does not hold the detail an ABS  composite chip can, the detail and styling of these chips are superb.

Very few real clay composite chips on the market today can boast 3 colors, and we are proud to offer these colorful and one-of-a-kind chips. With card suits decorating the outer rim of the chip in either black or white, and alternating Ace/King cards, these chips are available in your choice of  9 different color combinations.

Improved Sound - An avid poker player who is picky about their chips will tell you that the "pinging sound" associated with the metal insert in an ABS composite chip drives them nuts! While this may not be an issue for all players,  the clay exterior gives it more of a "thud sound" when splashed into the pot.

The AK & Suits 3-Tone Series are 39 mm diameter casino sized chips and are 14 grams in weight -Currenty the heaviest chip on the market.

These chips reproduce the quality and feel of authentic casino poker chips used at the most famous casino resorts around the world, such as the Mirage and Bellagio Resorts. They have a soft feel, and will wear with use, just like real casino chips!

They are crafted of a high content clay composite, with an inconspicuous metal insert for added weight. Because of the 100% clay exterior, you won't believe they had an insert - they sound that great!

14 Gram Tri Color Ace King Suit Clay Pricing

Note: Pricing assumes hot stamping same front and back. Add $.02 per chip for different front and backs.

1 - 399 Chips - $.31 per chip

400 - 2,999 Chips -  $.30 per chip

3,000 - 3,999 Chips - $.29 per chip

4,000 - 9,999 Chips - $.28 per chip

10,000 + Chips - $.27 per chip

Weight of Chips:
14 Grams
Chip Design:
Ace King & Suits Tri Color
Clay Composite
39 mm
Available Base Colors:
White, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink